Samantha Essomba Etama, Future Energies Hackathon 2019

Our beginning


Berlin. November 2019. A group of young people from various professional and cultural backgrounds came together in the Future Energies Hackathon. What drives and welds us together is the same vision: to shape the energy transition in countries in the Global South with sustainable education and everyday resources. We are Light Up! and in a pilot project, we will develop a wind turbine with sustainable, locally available materials at a school in Cameroon in a participatory workshop.

Our goals as Light Up!

  • Contribution to combating anthropogenic climate change

  • Support for a diverse and secure power supply in educational institutions in Cameroon

  • Expansion of renewable energies in the Global South

  • sustainable knowledge transfer and intercultural learning

  • Promote empowerment of young people and women

  • Establishment of a long-term global network of international partners

  • Intercultural dialogue

Our non-profit initiative Light UP! Its objectives are based explicitly on the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals.

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Project coordination

Power cuts in Cameroon are part of my childhood memories. As a result,Power cuts in Cameroon are part of my childhood memories. The issue of energy supply has been on my mind for a long time. Light Up! gives me a chance to contribute to the energy transition and to support countries in the Global South in their need to expand their energy supply.

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Throughout my study period and future career, I am committed to environmental protection, and the activities which advance to its achievement.  Shift to renewable energies is a requirement for sustainable energy supply all over the Globe. I am convinced that our wind turbine project in Cameroon contributes to and supports this Shift.

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As a prospective geographer, I am particularly interested in the issues of the Global South. With LightUp! we want to contribute to the harmonization of living conditions worldwide. We particularly support women and young people.
This drives me!

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Last year I started my Master in Management & Engineering at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. I did my bachelor's degree in business administration and sustainability sciences. The "LightUp" project combines these three priorities that interest me a lot, which is why I am happy to support the project.

Cameroon's portrait

The country of Cameroon is also known as "Africa in small" because of its diverse natural area. The coastal state is rich in ecosystems, raw materials and has a remarkable cultural heritage. A great opportunity for Cameroon lies in its young population, which will assume responsibility in the central African coastal state in the future. However, the consequences of globalization and the increasingly visible effects of climate change pose challenges for the country, as does a high rate of population growth. 24.3 million people live in Cameroon. According to forecasts, the population of Cameroon could more than double by 2050. This not only increases the demand for social infrastructure, but also for electricity. Every person in Cameroon has an average of around 254 kWh a year, while around 3000 kWh worldwide. As a consequence, blackouts are not uncommon, especially in rural areas. In particular, social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals have little resilience to a power supply, the security of which cannot be guaranteed. As a result, schools are limited in their options, which has negative effects on the quality of education and learning success of students in Cameroon.

Education is the key to sustainable development ...



Pilot project

As a cooperation of experts, institutions and civilians from Cameroon and Germany, we make a contribution to the establishment and diversification of energy supply with renewable energies at schools in Cameroon. Our initiative is hosted by the International Women Initiative eV (business number VR 36555B) based in Berlin. As a pilot project, we will conduct a workshop for schoolchildren and young adults and set up a wind turbine. The aim is to design a prototype in Germany and to modify it in Cameroon with the help of local experts and students in such a way that it can be reproduced with local materials in Cameroon, if possible. The project is accompanied by theoretical and application-oriented learning units on the topics of sustainability, climate change, environmental protection and recycling as well as an e-learning platform. The diagrams, texts and videos show the construction of a wind turbine and record the results of the pilot project.